What is a cripple wall, and why should I brace it?

Cripple walls are short walls, typically between the foundation and the first floor that provide crawlspace access under the house. They are often weak against the type of lateral movement typical of earthquakes unless they are braced and anchored. The above video demonstrates the process of retrofitting cripple walls, which is easier and more affordable than you might think.

Is your website ADA compliant?

If you do business on the internet (don't we all?) you are required to make your website ADA compliant. For people with physical or visual impairment, can experience significant difficulty navigating and using websites that have not implemented Accessibility best practices. Accessibility best practices are generally sound design principles, so improving your website for the disabled improves the site for everyone. Further, we are starting to see more ADA lawsuits against businesses that ignore these requirements. 

Making your website accessible today means you can make life easier for the disabled, improve your website and reduce your liability.

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