Outdoor Grilling Safety Rules

Good rules keep grilling safe and fun. We suggest you post these rules, in addition to instructions on the safe use of your particular grills, at your multi-family common areas.

  • Never leave a grill unattended once it is lit.

  • Remain alert and considerate to others.

  • Be aware of any wind-blown sparks.

  • Be sure grills are placed on a stable surface.

  • Use long-handled barbecue utensils to avoid burns and splatters.

  • Wear well fitting clothing, use flame retardant mitts.

  • If grill flares up, raise the grid the food is on, spread the coals out, or lower the temperature.

  • Don't conduct any activities around the grill during or following its use.

  • Keep combustible materials a safe distance away.

  • Never attempt to move a grill while still hot.

  • Contact the community office if you have specific questions about using grills.