Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Safety at the Pool

Good rules make for safer pools. We suggest you post (and enforce) these rules at your multi-family pools.

If a child is missing, always look in the pool first. Seconds count in preventing death or disability.

  • Parents and guardians must watch children at all times.

  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied.

  • Parents and guardians should always keep a phone with them.

  • No running, diving, or playing rough.

  • Do not push others into the pool.

  • Check the depth before entering.

  • Be aware and considerate of others.

  • No electrical appliances in the pool area.

  • No swimming after drinking alcohol or taking medications.

Pools & Drinking

According to the CDC, alcohol is a factor in up to half of water related deaths. Alcohol related balance and coordination issues contribute to the problem, particularly slip and falls. Judgement and perception problems are also factors. An intoxicated person might jump into a pool that is not deep enough for safe diving. An intoxicated guardian may not be able to effectively ensure their child's safety. Alcohol and swimming also contribute to heat stroke, dehydration and unfortunate health code violations that require a draining of the pool. Hot tubs suffer from the same dangers as pools, but also increased risk of dizziness and fainting. 

We encourage our members to create and enforce a no drinking policy for any community pool.