Who needs THAT much liability coverage?!

Large Sample Liability Claims

Sometimes People can't imagine why they might need tens of millions of dollars in excess liability coverage.
This May spur their imagination.

Claim Description Damages
Uncovered pool drain’s vortex held child underwater $104 million
Multiple injuries and fatalities in collapse of parking garage $101 million
Unsupervised infant fell into pool with broken gate $100 million
Fatalities in a bus accident caused by insufficient lubrication of an axle $88 million
10,000 lbs scaffolding fell with multiple fatalities $77 million
Hotel guest privacy violated $55 million
Multiple fatalities in auto accident caused by separated tire tread $64 million
Steakhouse served free alcohol at opening leading to dram shop liability $60 million
Shooting at a restaurant resulting in paralysis $59 million
Security guard severely injured plaintiff $58 million
Restaurant alleged lack of security resulted in patron being beaten to death $53 million
Gas water heater exploded resulting in a fatality $50 million
Intoxicated employee shot Police Officer resulting in a fatality $38 million
Auto accident resulted in multiple injuries and fatalities $36 million
Apartment floor collapsed resulting in multiple injuries $25 million
Carbon-monoxide poisoning in apartment caused serious injury $28 million
Sexual assault by resident $20 million
Defective heater caused fire and multiple fatalities $18 million